Review: Safe Shot Indoor Range in Reno, NV

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26 Responses

  1. Bob says:

    First a little background,I’m a retired U.S.Marine, I’ve been handling weapons for 37 years. I have maintained a ccw permit for 15 years. Last January I needed to renew and thought I would try safe shot. I was surprised that I needed to have my weapon inspected before the book side of the class started as most instructors do not want hand guns in the class room. We were sent to lunch and told to leave our weapons in the unsecured room. Apron returning we went downstairs to qualify,at which time I was handed a glock 9mm and a 38 revolver and told I could not qualify with my personal weapons. A little strange but not a problem, 23 in the chest 2 in the head. Went Back up stairs and got lectured on how Jim was a ballistics expert,and don’t shoot some if they are in your garage stealing your black and decker. There was a mother and son in the class who had never handled a weapon prior to the class. With the type of training that was provided in the class I’m guessing one of them will end up getting injured or in jail. I mentioned this to the folks at WCSD they did not seemed surprised. The prices were exorbitant and the arrogance level was even higher. Next go around I’ll go ahead and freeze my butt off at an out door range

  2. Annonymous says:

    Don’t go here!!! Went here for a ccw course and were terribly disappointed. First my wife used the bathroom only for an employee to come in 20 minutes later and announce that they have a see through window if you flip the wrong switch. Some kind of see through fabric that they have mounted over two windows that show the entire woman’s bathroom. Bunch of perverts. Plus they seem quite arrogant. I wound not recommend going here.

  3. J says:

    I will never go back to Safe Shot again, ever. I’ve been there one time with my friend and two women who wanted to practice before going to their CCW class. I have been around firearms for over 35 years and currently work for a company where I test shoot weapons almost every day. The Safe Shot salesman behind the counter was apparently one of the CCW instructors for Safe Shot and claimed to be a competative shooter. He took one of the 1911 models from behind the counter, fed a magazine in it and racked the slide. He then proceeded to sweep all four of us with the barrel of the weapon. He did not check the magazine or weapon to ensure it was unloaded before doing this. I proceeded to leave there immediately and will never return.

  4. Jim says:

    I have never had a problem with Jim or any of the staff. Nor, have I had any problem with the ventilation, even on fairly busy days.

    As far as the cost goes, range time is $10 and they’ll supply you with eye and ear protection should you not have any. I did visit that ammunition site listed in the original article, and other than a special on 9mm, I didn’t see any difference. The 38ACP was actually higher than at Safe Shot. Even with the special, the 9mm was only about 30% less. And, quite frankly, it’s like comparing with your local corner bookstore.

    All in all, I’m a fan of Safe Shot especially when it’s snowing and 10 degrees or on the other side, 105 outside.

  5. Roxanne says:

    Safe Shot is an excellent indoor gun range.

    If you don’t like the smell of freshly shot guns, find another hobby.

    Prices are reasonable.
    Gun selection is great.
    Customer service is always top notch.

    No, I’m not an employee, and I’m not related to or friends with an employee. I just really like the place.

    Readers: check out the range and decide for yourself.

  6. Shawn says:

    Staff was friendly, courteous, and polite. They were willing to explain in detail when you asked them a question. Instructor was knowledgeable about the rules and regulations upon receiving the permit. I would recommended this place to anyone who wants to get a permit for a concealed weapon.

  7. Billy & Ellen Burroughs says:

    We’d like to add our own thoughts about Safe Shot. We’ve been going since the beginning of 2012, and have yet to have a bad experience. I was a “gun virgin”; my husband wanted me to learn to shoot so I could get my CCW license. We started shooting there, and found the staff (ALL of them)to be very helpful and accomodating. They all know what they are talking about. In fact, during the CCW class we took, one woman was so nervous about the shooting portion of the test that I told her to talk to staff, and Bob gave her some one-on-one time to get her past her worries. (She passed the test!) The issue of smoke on the range is laughable; we have only noticed a minimum amount of smoke, and that’s when the place has been full. It was taken care of by the ventilation- no black lung! FYI- it IS an indoor range. And as for being over-priced, we’ve bought more guns from them (than we wish to say)but, we’ve gotten 7 free CCW classes and still counting, so we don’t think they’re over-priced (and we HAVE shopped around). There have been times we’ve had to wait, but it’s never been a long wait- 10 minutes tops. They DO get busy! We enjoy shooting there; we like the staff, and (for me as a woman) I appreciate the restrooms being really clean!

    We highly reccommend Safe Shot- and no, we are not employees!

  8. Bmurray says:

    I had a similar problem as the other review regarding their gunsmithing. Told them I wanted a muzzle break put on, they called and said they would have to turn down the barrel to make it fix. I said don’t do it, well a week later I went to pick my gun up and they did the work. Obviously I wasn’t happy! I trued to make a deal by offering to buy a new gun and they wouldn’t budge on the price. I ended up paying and taking my gun to just be done with the situation. I took my gun out a while later, first shot and the muzzle break flew off the gun. After looking at the barrel the gunsmith barley feuded the barrel to make it fit. The break was belt on by only about 1/4 of an inch and wasn’t pinned. I took it back and they said they would fix it. THE USED KB WELD TO REATTACH IT! After ten shots it starts to slide off. They never once tested my gun after working on it. They over charge on everything, ammo, guns, service and the range. STAY AWAY!!!

  9. Lori says:

    Really sorry to hear about the mark up on ammo, poor ventilation and lighting. Three friends and I were looking for an indoor range tomorrow to get some practice in before attending a CCW course. One of the women in our group has never shot a gun before so we thought we might take her and introduce her to the sport to help her understand the mechanics of it all. I am really glad that I did check the reviews on Safe Shot first. The last thing I want is to leave a nasty taste in her mouth and feel like the entire sport is a rip off. We will wait for a nice day and take her out to Pyramid’s outdoor range, it will be worth the 20 minute trip.

  10. USPSA Shooter says:

    I used Safe Shot twice and looked around including the upstairs store another few times. Once in July 2010, and the second time in November 2010. After I went there the first time, admittedly without much research or paying much attention, I instantly noticed relatively high costs. Later on, I read several reviews, talked to other customers and went to Safe Shot again. My final impression is that this indoor range is far from the advertised state-of-the-art facility, well, by a long shot. Costs are relatively high even after the Fall reduction. Staff is friendly and would accommodate any reasonable request. The rules and procedures are well-established and enforced. In summary, I enjoyed my time at Safe Shot, but won’t go there again and won’t recommend others until at least my major complaints are addressed.

    First are positive comments. The idea of an indoor range makes great sense for convenience. After all, it is a controlled environment that is being maintained. It sheilds the user from elements, cold/warm weather, wind, and dust, and lowers the risk of accidents such as injury or death. This is important. The stalls are of reasonable size, with a padded shelf to handle ammunition, firearms, accessories, and supplies. The individual motorized target rack is durable and has 2 strong clips. It is fast and works well. Shooters can turn on individual overhead light in the stall to prep and change targets. The range is cleaned of brass and debris periodically during the day. Hours of operation are convenient 10AM-7PM Mon-Sat, and 10AM-5PM Sun. The range appears always nearly empty. The staff is very friendly and genuinely cares to create an enjoyable and safe experience. Range rules and policies are well-established and communicated, the quick orientation for beginners is adequate and free. The choice of rental firearms is decent, but not overwhelming. Safe Shot can equip you with a handgun of 6 calibers and various types including revolvers. They also have compact rifles, carbines, and full-size assault rifles. I felt that the firearm rental fees were reasonable. Shooters can bring their own targets, otherwise you can purchase at $2/ea.

    Among the negative points, three stand out the most: relatively high cost of ammo/targets, bad ventilation, and inadequate lighting. There is no way around pricy ammo as shooters must purchase frangible ammo from Safe Shot. Customers cannot bring their own ammo. If remaining ammo left Safe Shot, it cannot be used. Even after the Fall price reduction, the cost of ammo appears to be steep.

    I commonly shoot UMC and Federal .40S&W at $15-16/box of 50 at Wallmart with tax. At the time of this writing, the price is $28/box of 50 at Safe Shot. This is 75% more expensive, which appears to be a lot. Even if you factor in premiums for frangible ammo, Safe Shot probably buys wholesale, so this markup appears to be rather large.

    This may be how Safe Shot figures its margin by using average purchase. This is not too bad (in absolute $) when you shoot a single box only. For any sensible training, however, a shooter can use 150-300 rounds easily. The extra expense adds up quickly. I wish Safe Shot had more flexibility and figured out an attractive policy for customers who want to shoot more. For example, bring your own ammo with mandatory inspection, and/or frequent flyer/member discount on larger purchases, and/or prepaid layaway ammo.

    Several folks in this forum mentioned ventilation problems. I concur. After shooting 150 handgun rounds myself and 50 rifle rounds in the next stall (someone else), I felt sweet taste in the back of my tongue. I was blowing black residue out of my nose at home. This is bad ventilation, which must be fixed. By the time I finished shooting, and especially during rapid fire, the smoke became a noticeable visibility problem for targets towards the end of the range (50-55ft).

    This brings me to the third major complaint–inadequate lighting. This is easily fixable by upgrading the dual-bulb fluorescent light fixtures to quad. Use the same electric wiring. The quad-bulb 48″ fixtures are sold everywhere for around $50/ea. This lighting upgrade will make a big difference. My vision is 80/80, but it was difficult to aim well at the B-24 silhouette target (11″x18″) at 50-55ft. My Nikon 550 laser rangefinder too refused to measure due to the dim ambient lighting.

    My final comment is regarding the distance markers. They are primarily on the side walls making precise target positioning somewhat difficult. I am not sure what specific improvement to suggest here, but something must be done to simplify precise target placement. I could not use a laser rangefinder either because of the lighting problem (I thought that I could outsmart poor lighting). And even if I could, there has to be an easier low-tech way to do it better.

    Hope my comments help both prospective customers in setting expectations and Safe Shot in prioritizing improvements.

  11. Tom says:

    I’m just offering an opinion since I come from a different area. The first time I went in was to browse: it was about a month after I came out from NH. I was shocked to say the least. There are only two indoor ranges where I come from: one isn’t lead-free (and full auto is pretty common if that’s your thing. The other is the range at Sig’s range, which is lead-free, but I believe you can bring your own ammo. Both are quite affordable, and ammo is decently priced.
    The store at Safe Shot was closed when I went in the first time because the owner? employee? was out on the range with some a bachelor party from California wanting to shoot full-auto. The woman I spoke with was talking it up as a great place with great ammo prices (snicker).

    I stopped by a week ago to see if they held CCW classes for out of state permits. I also looked at the prices of what he had in stock. Full retail from what I could tell. I’ll bring something back from NH the next time I go home, thank you very much.

    So, would I go to shoot? Maybe once in a while, but that’s about it.

  12. FB says:

    I shot at Safe Shot the other day and took a CCW class there today. The class was great, the staff at Safe Shot are fantastic and the range is pristine to say the very least.

    Does it cost more, well, a little. The price I paid just to shoot was 50 rounds of 45 ACP for $30.00, the range fee was $10.00 for all day and the targets were a couple of dollars.

    Is that more then the county range? Sure. BUT, subtract the value of the time that I didn’t have waste driving to Pyramid, the gas I didn’t have to spend on the trip and the normal $25.00 a box for .45 ammo and what do you get? A pretty good deal.

    Lets look at the breakdown. The range at Safe Shot is $3.00 more then the county range. The ammo is $5.00 a box more on face value, but, sales tax is INCLUDED in the price at Safe Shot. Targets are targets and a few bucks, so maybe $1.00 per more at Safe Shot.

    Lets add it up and round it all off. Safe Shot maybe costs around $10.00 more per 100 rounds fired of 45 ACP, but literally saves me almost two hours of drive time. Now, is my time worth more then $5.00 hour for the commute time saved? I think so.

    Safe Shot is a GREAT bet and I will be back there again and again.

    • John says:

      I actually was looking at Safe Shot’s website the other day and saw that they had dropped their ammo prices pretty decently, at least for their handgun ammo. I’m glad to hear that the range fee has been decreased as well (though the site doesn’t currently make any mention of what it is).

      Maybe they’ll add more calibers eventually. Personally, I’d like to see them offer .22 rounds.

  13. Chris says:

    I took my two teenage kids there while we were in Reno a few weeks ago and we had a great time. We can shoot in the country where we have a house, but the stinking politicians in California make it a crime to have very many types of weapons. We all shot a bunch of autos and semi autos and had a great time. The staff was professional and great with my kids. I’ve run shooting qualifications when I was in the navy and they were very safe here. The price was fair, even a pretty good deal compared to other rental ranges I have used in Las Vegas and Scottsdale, Az. I’d recommend it to anyone, and have to my friends and family already.

  14. Frank says:

    I see valid points from both sides but will politely chime in. You can thank the politicians for the high prices. They are the ones that wouldn’t approve a “normal” range and required the use of frangibles.

    Any business needs to have some profit. I have no idea what the costs of frangibles on a wholesale level are, but I do know foreign ammo gets slapped with an 18% tax plus the freight to get it to the USA. My guess is that the range markup isn’t as much as some think with those extra costs, but none the less compared with the dirty stuff at Walmart it is quite a bit more.

    Maybe if SafeShot could find a new ammo manufacturer in the US it could provide for a better all around experience/value. Tough thing is that most ammo now-adays isn’t made in our great Nation. Even Federal is mainly made in Mexico, other crap is Russia, Korea, Brazil, etc.

    I live in Sparks and do a lot of shooting outside when weather permits, but I do enjoy a good indoor session when possible. SafeShot is the only place around due to politicians and all in all it’s pretty good, but indeed a tad tougher on the wallet. They’re fairly new but I’ve noticed improvements since my first trips.

    I’m a big champion of those that support our right to own Firearms and if our children don’t learn the value of the 2nd amendment we are all screwed. Perhaps instead of bashing on others of our same values we ask “How can we Help”? — whether it be by voting, business, whatever. We’ll all advance gun rights over time. Next time I’m in at SS I will make it a point to talk with the owners and get a better sense of their challenges as a business in Reno.


  15. stodski says:

    Safe Shot is crap. They are horrible. Way overpriced in all aspects, range, and shop. I noticed when I was there for my one and only trip to the place, that you can rent an AR 15 for 65 bucks, not including the ammo, which is 25 bucks for 30 rounds, or one magazine worth. So, to shoot an AR 15,(not even a nice one, have you, mine is way nicer), it costs you 90 bucks to shoot one magazine of ammo, what a joke. I should put an ad in the paper to let people shoot mine for 90 bucks a pop, I’d make my money back on it after about 15 people. I went in their shop when I was shopping around for my last 2 gun purchases, a smith&wesson m&p .40 cal, and a bushmaster .223 AR 15. Safe Shot wanted $599 for the .40 cal, and they wanted in the range of +/- $1400 for a bare bones, no name AR 15. I went over to Bizarre, a real gun shop, and paid the following. Smith&wesson m&p .40 = $400 and they gave me 2 more 15rd. mags, for a total of 4 mags. Awesome!! He gave me a deal on the gun, knocking 100 bucks off it, and it was listed at $499 as opposed to $599, and I got two free extra mags, which cost about $45 each. And when I went into Bizarre for my AR 15, I told him I had about $1200 to work with. He showed me about 8 different guns, all nicer than the one at Safe Shot for $1400, and I ended up getting an awesome AR 15. They customized it, I have a Bushmaster Lower, and a Colt Upper, with a fluted Colt chrome lined barrel upgrade,flip up sights(rear and front), and a free float 4 arm rail,an adjustable stock, and some nice tactical grips. It was also bi-pod ready. The one at safe shot for $1400 was a piece of crap. It had fixed sights, no rail system, and a gaudy ugly standard plastic non adjustable stock. It had a crappy looking barrel with a 1 in 7 twist(the worst you can get, not very accurate or fast past 100 yds.), and just regular plastic grips. I asked what it would cost to get it customized similar to what I have now, and he quoted me in the ballpark of $2200, RIP OFF!!! I saved myself over $1200 on the two guns by going somewhere else. Safe Shot is dogsh*t, horrible. If you go there more than once then you obviously don’t know much about shooting. I would have walked out the first time if I hadn’t been with 2 other guys. I saw their prices and was disgusted. I had to shoot their ammo, so I only bought one bag of .38 special for my revolver so I wasn’t just sitting around for the next half hour while my buddies shot, but that was all I was gonna pay for. it cost me over $40 bucks to shoot 30 rounds, ridiculous, to say the least, and I left there feeling disgusted for allowing myself to have spent that. I had just gone to wal mart and loaded up on 100 rounds for each of my guns prior, and had only spent a little over a hundred for the 300 rounds I planned on shooting before I found out you can’t shoot your own ammo in there. I would not recommend safe shot to anybody, as a matter of fact, I would steer them clear of the place altogether. I give them two thumbs down and 0 out of 5 stars

  16. Mk says:

    This guy (Safe Shot) is a thief, I ordered a holster almost 90 days ago and still… NO HOLSTER!!!! I could have ordered a custom in shorter amount of time. DO NOT DO BUSINESS with Safe Shot in Reno. Over priced and a bunch of hacks.

  17. Leo says:

    The truth about Safe Shot is that they don’t actually have an in-house gunsmith. They farm out the work to local hacks and then jack up the prices. Their staff is not knowledgeable at all. In fact, I think one of the RSOs was high on something the last time I was there. Not very safe if you ask me…They did have some pretty good people at one time, but I think business is bad that they had to let them all go.
    Bill does sound like he works there – I’ve never seen all the lanes full with 10-15 people waiting in line. In fact, whenever I drive past there usually aren’t any cars in the parking lot at all.

  18. Jon says:

    Yea. That would have been my guess too. Doesn’t appear to be the owner. The domain name is registered to “Harwin, David” and the business license for the company is issued to “Harwin, Jim”.

  19. Jon says:

    Oh yea, I guess I never did get around to responding to this. Meh.

  20. Tommy says:

    Staff was not knowledgable at all. Bill sounds like he must work there lol. Thier smith must have gotten his training out of a cracker jack box. I hope these clowns get thier acts together.

  21. Bill says:

    Jon or John, You guys appear to be very inaccurate on your comments about safe shot indoor range. I use the range 2-3 times a week. I have never seen the smoke you are speaking of.Even the picture that you posted of inside the range as you describe as beeing taken directly you shot. The picture shows no smoke at all. Then you state the smoke is so bad you are unable to see your targets past 25 yards. Well there range is only 50 feet long.Do the math yourself. Then you provided a link to frangable ammo. The 1st. one on your list of 9mm clearly states once fired reloaded brass.Safe shot does not sell once fired reloaded ammo. The 2nd one on your list is the exact brand they sell. That price on the link YOU provided compairs as follows. Sale price box of 50 rounds $28 a box with a fair market price of $39 a box.That is $0.60cnts and $0.76cnts per round.Safe Shot price is $20 for 30 rounds that is $0.66cnts per round.That is .10cents less per round fair market and .06 cents more than your web sites sale price. Now that clearly disproves your statement that safe shot is over priceing by as much as %100 you are dead ass wrong and that is with your own data. Now to address your black lung false statements. I have never had that problem nor have heard anybody else say that. And it is very clear and proved by your own photo there was NO smoke at all.Even directly after you and your buddy shot around 150 rounds of ammo. And that brings me to another problem you have and that is there prices are clearly posted on a very large reader board right in front of you at the check in counter.If you knew or even were concerned about the prices why did you stay and not only that you purchased additional bags of ammo. If you knew the prices why did you stay?? Lastly,I was there today with my wife around 1pm and the place was jam packed. All lanes were full and around 10-15 waiting there turn to shoot. After we shot I came back around 4pm to buy a gun which FYI they have a very large stock af guns and supplies and I have found there prices to be around %5-10 less accross the board than any other gun dealer in this area. So it appears that they are soooo busy they really dont need your return business. And I have just hot a ton of holes in your BS story you should be ashamed of your false report.

    • stodski says:

      Bill, its obvious you work at safe shot, no consumer would be so offended by this guys report on the place, and I’m guessing you are probably one of the owners of the business(I think that’s evident by you having the same last name as the owner, according to “Jon”, and making it so nobody can click your name anymore to check who you are). Safe Shot is horrible. period. I went there once, with two buddies, the only guy who liked it was the guy who has no shooting experience to compare it to. It is ridiculously expensive. This guys price reports are accurate. I can get a box of 50 .40 cal rounds for 13 dollars at walmart. Safe shot charges 25 bucks (double) for 30 rounds. For me to go shoot at the range in carson, i can buy 100 rounds of .40 cal, and 200 rounds of .223 for $103. Oh, yeah, I can actually shoot out to 400 yards, too, not 50 feet. to do the same at safe shot; .40(100rds)=$83, .223(200rds)=$167, range fee=$15, total=$265. to summarize, outdoor range = $103/safe shot= $265. Other notables, I went in the gun shop, high prices there as well, you want a gun shop here in Reno, go to Bizarre Guitar and Guns. Knowledgable,friendly staff, best prices, and they haggle prices, I walked out with my smith and wesson m&p .40 for $400 and got 2 extra clips for free. Safe shot, same gun = $599. Bizarre=$400+4 mags/safe shot = $599+2mags. Safe Shot is a major rip off, if you shoot there,(after the dry rape you unknowingly receive the 1st time) then you are definitely an amateur for sure, any one worth their salt wouldn’t go back for 2nds.

    • John says:

      Bill –

      I’m very happy that you haven’t had any problems with the smoke in there. We did, as Jon noted above. In the picture you are referencing, you might notice that it seems sort of blurry in the distance, that would be the effect of the smoke, which as Jon pointed out was able to “mildly obscure the target at 25 yards”.

      You also pointed out that the range is only 50 feet long. Jon mistakenly judged the markers on the side of the wall to be in Yards rather than Feet. Personally, I think that makes his remarks sound much worse since the obscuring qualities of the smoke occurred at 25 rather than 75 feet.

      Regarding the links to frangible ammo: the links each go to a page with a list of different available ammunitions. For the .223, the first item shown is for “Once-Fired” Brass, however the very next item is a Box of 50 for $38 ($0.76/round, which would put a bag of 30 at $22.80.
      Although, as you pointed out they are using International Ammo, so perhaps this is what I should be comparing it to: the Case of 1000 for $834.42, which the site claims has a “Market price” of $936.75, which puts the ammo at $0.83/round – $0.94/round, putting the price of a bag of 30 between $24.90 – $28.20 (versus Safe Shot’s $25).

      Let’s talk about 9mm: I presume you are talking about the International Brand which you can get a Case of 1000 for $558.94, with a “Market price” of $698.68, which puts the ammo at $0.55/round – $0.70/round, putting the price of a bag of 30 between $16.50 – $21 (versus Safe Shot’s $20).

      Armed with these numbers, it seems that Safe Shot isn’t doing a huge markup on their ammo, if they were paying retail for their ammo. They of course aren’t though. Also, if you will look at what Jon said above, the cashier was the one who pointed out that you could buy 50 rounds for the price Safe Shot charges for 30.

      I am thrilled that you haven’t had any problems with black lung, however Jon and I both were coughing crap up the rest of the day. I really do hope it was just a temporary problem with the ventilation.

      Regarding the smoke (again), you are aware that smoke comes in different colors right?

      As for why we stayed… if we had left immediately then we wouldn’t have been able to write up a decent review and you would have bashed us for not staying, so while our wallets may disagree, I think we were right to stay and shoot.

      As you pointed out, they do have firearms for sale. However, other comments on this post seem to indicate your “accross the board” [sic] checking seems to be lacking, or perhaps prices have risen lately and Bizarre Guitar and Guns just happens to be better currently. Or do they not count as a “gun dealer in this area”?

      Lastly, the only thing you have put a ton of holes in is the English language.


  22. John says:

    While Jon is given to hyperbole at times, this is one case where his exaggeration is very minimal.
    The place really needs some serious improvement before I’ll even consider going back.

    • dude says:

      Jim harwin is a known crook. Look up audio video service ir sick tv he owned it now a shooting Instructor

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