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Hooray! For Today is IPv6 Launch Day! 2

Hooray! For Today is IPv6 Launch Day!

As everyone knows, today is IPv6 Launch Day, where we (the internet) are supposed to turn on (and leave on) IPv6. It saddens me that I am unable to participate in this launch day by turning on IPv6… because We’ve been natively v6 accessible since June 2011. Even before that, Snowulf & company were accessible via an IPv6 tunnel provided by HE.net.

IPv6, Linode & Stats 0

IPv6, Linode & Stats

Yesterday, I talked about some of the work I did in the weekend server overhaul. One of those tasks I wanted to talk about a little more was the addition of native IPv6 because I feel very strongly that IPv6 is important, not just to this blog, but to the future of the internet. I’m very excited that Linode offered native IPv6 in its datacenters as early as May and...

Weekend Server Overhaul 0

Weekend Server Overhaul

In early 2010 I signed up and migrated to Linode.com for my server needs. At that point in time, the latest version of Ubuntu that was offered was 9.10; the only useful colo location was Dallas; and IPv6 was unheard of (well, not exactly unheard of, but having a server with IPv6 was). We’ve had several new versions of Ubuntu since then, a plethora of new Colos have opened up,...

IPv6: Backwater hick to bleeding edge – in a weekend?! 3

IPv6: Backwater hick to bleeding edge – in a weekend?!

So last week, I didn’t know a whole lot about IPv6 (backwater hick – slow and behind the times).  After spending a long weekend delving into the world of it, I find out that I’m basically on the bleeding edge already… and that makes me sad.  How can I go from not even having used IPv6 to the bleeding edge in a few days? As it turns out, there isn’t...

Two new sites: Where’s Gibson & IPv6 Wiki 1

Two new sites: Where’s Gibson & IPv6 Wiki

So the Snowulf Network of websites has grown by two over the last week.  Normally, I try not to add too many sites to my belt as it tends to make for a lot of administration.  In these particular cases I have to make an exception.  Let me explain briefly why I brought these two new sites about.