June 6, 2012

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Hooray! For Today is IPv6 Launch Day!

As everyone knows, today is IPv6 Launch Day, where we (the internet) are supposed to turn on (and leave on) IPv6. It saddens me that I am unable to participate in this launch day by turning on IPv6… because We’ve been natively v6 accessible since June 2011. Even before that, Snowulf & company were accessible via an IPv6 tunnel provided by HE.net.

Of course, there is one issue. I use

Amazon Cloudfront for CDN… and Amazon has been slacking off when it comes to IPv6 support. A few of their products (like Route 53 and Elastic Load Balancer) support v6, but the important products (like EC2, S3, and CloudFront) do not. I was hoping by launch day they’d have gotten around to it, but it looks like my hopes and dreams have been dashed once again. At least dual-stack will get you somewhere.

I did look up stats really quick. Last week (May 27 to June 3) Snowulf.com had only 0.39% of its page hits come from IPv6. I will check again next week and see if that improves at all after launch day. I had also hoped we’d have gotten farther with IPv6 to the clients by now, but alas, no such luck.