Hooray! For Today is IPv6 Launch Day!

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  1. Martijn says:

    I too am underwhelmed by Amazon’s IPv6 progress. Our entire office and development environment have been dual-stack for years, but not our AWS production servers. I understand it’s hard, but if Amazon can’t do it… Have the stats improved for you since Launch Day?

    How are you measuring those IPv6 stats? I’d love to get stats like http://www.test-ipv6.com/stats.html for our own sites and visitors.

    • Jon says:

      Yea. Amazon has been slacking off on the IPv6 support. We’re coming up on a year later and the critical services like EC2 and CloudFront still have no IPv6 in sight.

      As for the stats, they have improved. I wrote a script that scans any apache access log file and kicks out the results (nothing fancy). The results for yesterdays access log:

      IPv6: 2280 (2.45%)
      IPv4: 90888 (97.55%)

      The script I wrote is checked into Git: https://github.com/ShakataGaNai/random/blob/master/ipv6scan.php I can’t promise it’s fast, or efficient, but it works.
      (PS. I noticed your comment was from v6, yay!)

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