IPv6: Getting functional DHCPv6 and Route Advertising together

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  1. Gabriel says:

    To the question about “what could possibly be a more reliable source of a router’s interface’s address than the router itself?”. The simplest answer is “Ask any Microsoft engineer enabling IPv6 ISATAP’s tunnelling, and wait for results.”

    This is just one problem that can be avoided by using “access-list 100 deny 41 any any” across all routers, but RA still having issues to resolve problems such us “HSRP IPv6” or “Anycast IPv6” default gateways.

    I think it would not hurt anyone that this option is available in the software.

  2. TJ says:

    Yes, IPv6 is different – but aside from the two extremes (“DHCPv6 purists” and “SLAAC purists”) this de-coupling of functionality makes a lot of sense. Your default-gateway _should be_ a link-local address, and what could possibly be a more reliable source of a router’s interface’s address than the router itself?

    Having said that, I believe we will continue to see the extremists develop their chosen solution to completion, resulting in two distinct mechanisms (above and beyond manual assignment, naturally) … although I am not sure this is the best outcome, I am not convinced it is outright wrong either :).


    • Jon says:

      It does make sense to allow them to be decoupled, but at the same time it is unusual to not allow DHCP to do it at all. Yes, the router is most “reliable”, but it still leaves things in a bit of limbo for enterprise environments. If you’re running a decent size business, you probably have DHCP filtered on the switches to prevent someone for setting up a rogue server and breaking your network. Now the same thing needs to happen for ICMPv6 to prevent rogue routing advertising. Most sys admins, I presume, will block it all, rather than just RA’s… completely destroying some of IPv6’s cool new features like neighbor finder, etc.

      It is mostly just odd to me. Again, I’m sure someone had a good and logical reason for doing this and thought through the consequences… I just haven’t found that explanation.

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