July 13, 2010

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Two new sites: Where's Gibson & IPv6 Wiki

So the Snowulf Network of websites has grown by two over the last week.  Normally, I try not to add too many sites to my belt as it tends to make for a lot of administration.  In these particular cases I have to make an exception.  Let me explain briefly why I brought these two new sites about.

IPv6 Wiki — As you might have noticed, I’ve been doing a bit of work under IPv6.  During which I found out that the internet as a whole was lacking real world IPv6 information.  Sure, there is plenty out there about the RFCs and theoretical models, but not much about how to implement it.  While I haven’t gotten a lot onto the wiki yet, it is my hope that this can serve as a repository for useful IPv6 implementation information.

Where is Gibson? — One of my friends has decided that he’s going to join the armed forces, good for him.  The only problem is that he likes to hide and is hard enough to trackdown now, let alone when he has the ability to be deployed halfway around the world.  He threatened to not tell us where he was, or would be going.  So we threatened to start a blog to keep everyone up to date.  I think he’s mostly amused by this idea.  We’ll see how it works out.  (P.S. If you know Gibson, and hear about his exploits after actually going into the military — make sure to let me know — so I can post it).