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Howto: Glass Bed Upgrade for the Monoprice Maker Select v2

One of the most commonly recommended upgrades I’ve found (For all printers) is switching to a glass bed (Technically tempered Borosilicate). While it is not a hard nor expensive upgrade, it can be a bit time consuming. Since your bed is very important to the print process, this shouldn’t be something to rush, so I’d recommend at least two hours to complete (not including print time). Please note that the...


pfSense 2.3 is out and it’s Bootstrap’ing!

Yesterday pfSense 2.3 was release and it’s a fairly major UI change. The key is the conversion from the previous web-UI (that was tragically out of date) to a new Bootstrap based design. Not only does this make the UI look really slick, it also gains built-in responsiveness! The best part about the overhaul is that they really managed to maintain the same general look and feel while giving it...

First day’s results for Windows 10 3

First day’s results for Windows 10

So the results are in from the first day of the Windows 10 release, and they are mixed. John has gone through the the upgrade process successfully on two machines (Windows 7 Home and Windows 7 Pro). In my case I got the wonderful “Something happened” when trying to write a USB installer (from two different machines). Eventually I broke down and downloaded the Windows 10 ISO from MSDN and...

Are you ready for Windows 10 day? 0

Are you ready for Windows 10 day?

Tomorrow will see the release of Windows 10 to the general public. Normally I would have long ago tested/reviewed Windows 10 myself, but I didn’t have time until recently so I’m waiting patiently for the release like everyone else. While Microsoft’s most notable product has generally been lamented through the years, Windows 10 is seeing a lot of very positive reviews. The last few months has also seen a blitz...

Making a bootable USB drive of OS X Mountain Lion 0

Making a bootable USB drive of OS X Mountain Lion

As of this morning, OSX 10.8 “Mountain Lion” is out. It’s a whopping $19.99 on the App Store and a couple hour download (depending on your internet connection). If you’ve got multiple machines to install, or just like to be prepared, you can make a bootable USB thumb drive of Mountain Lion. It’s really easy, in fact it is the exact same process as making USB drives for 10.7.