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3D Printing: Knurled brass inserts using a heat gun

In my current quest of building the Hypercube Evolution, one of the early and critical steps is putting in the knurled brass inserts into the 3D printed parts. These inserts are the receptacle for screws/bolts that would otherwise chew up the plastic you’ve printed. The standard instructions are to use a soldering iron but I wanted something with a little more accuracy so I used a heat gun. It works...

Schedule change & new format 0

Schedule change & new format

Over the years, the posting schedule here at Snowulf.com has varied wildly. We’ve had our good times (5 posts a week) and our bad times (zero posts for months). Up until July of this year, we’ve been averaging 1-2 posts a month for the last year or more, which is very sad. As soon as I had more free time, our post rate jumped up to 5 times a week...

Video: Android Folder Demo 2

Video: Android Folder Demo

Today is another one of my Android/Video series. The video is very short, just over 2 minutes in length, and it focuses completely on the folder aspects under Android. (View in high def) I’m just going to quickly reiterate the 3 aspects of folders in Android that I covered: Standard Folders – The main purpose of folders is to create ways to “gather” your applications all together, keep them out...

Video: First impressions of the Nexus One (AT&T) 0

Video: First impressions of the Nexus One (AT&T)

As I previously promised/threatened: more videos. Here’s my first impressions of the Nexus One after about 12 hours of playing with it. The video is short, just 5 minutes. I move fairly quick and don’t show off a lot of depth, but I’ll cover more detailed aspects down the road in separate videos. (Click to watch in high-def)