August 17, 2015

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Schedule change & new format Logo
Over the years, the posting schedule here at has varied wildly. We’ve had our good times (5 posts a week) and our bad times (zero posts for months). Up until July of this year, we’ve been averaging 1-2 posts a month for the last year or more, which is very sad. As soon as I had more free time, our post rate jumped up to 5 times a week and held that for more than a month. I’m very proud to really solidly be back “in the game”, however some adjustments need to be made.

First, while I can continue to push 5 days a week for posting, I’m throttling back to 3 days a week (Mon/Wed/Fri). The primary factor is this will give me more time to produce quality content. Additionally to that, I’d like to branch out and investigate other mediums. Which leads me to…

Introducing Snowulf on YouTube. Obviously there isn’t much to look at there, but the content will be coming soon. Expect to see a lot of the same type of information you’ve enjoyed here on in text… translated to video. This is obviously an experiment for me though not a new concept. In fact over 5 years ago I talked about doing videos. I even managed to put out three entire video posts.

However, this new series will be a bit more of a departure. The video will be the primary content with the blog entry to provide the backing information (specs, links, etc). The process will be refined and adjusted as posts continue, if I like the video idea. With any luck I might just convince one of our other Snowulf staff members to contribute as well.<iframe style="display: block; margin: 0px auto;” id=”_ytid_11965” width="480” height="270” data-origwidth="480” data-origheight="270” src="” class=”__youtube_prefs\__” title="YouTube player” allow="autoplay; encrypted-media” allowfullscreen data-no-lazy="1” data-skipgform_ajax_framebjll="“>