April 29, 2010

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Video: Android Folder Demo

Today is another one of my Android/Video series. The video is very short, just over 2 minutes in length, and it focuses completely on the folder aspects under Android.

(View in high def)

I’m just going to quickly reiterate the 3 aspects of folders in Android that I covered:

Standard Folders — The main purpose of folders is to create ways to “gather” your applications all together, keep them out of the way, but still easily accessible from the home screen. They are fairly intuitive to use: simply create a folder and drag your application into them. The only feature that is a little less intuitive is how to rename a folder: Open the folder and long press the title bar.

Contact Folders — There are a number of different types of contact folders built into the system. Really there is only one you care about, “Starred Contacts”. This allows you to have a 2 click quick access to calling any of your favorite contacts. Once you’ve added the stared contacts folder to your home screen, you only need to go into your regular contacts list and “star” (it’s on the top right) each record for them to appear in the folder.

Application Specific Folders — Some applications (ao far very few that I’ve seen) will provide their own folder access (called “Live Folders” by the development site). The two cases I know of are Facebook & Pandora. Facebook provides you with quick call access to your Facebook contacts whom have phone numbers in their profiles. Pandora’s app, on the other hand, provides you with access to your personalized stations. The second of these two really demonstrates that folders could be used by many applications for a variety of purposes.