FanimeCon 2010 Wrap up: Part 4 of 5 – Monday

June 4, 2010

== Monday == Monday started fairly early as there was packing to be done. We decided that we wanted to get out and on the road, with any luck, by 11ish since we had 250 miles to go for the day. We managed to make it fairly close to our expected departure, but not without a few bumps along the way. The first was our day starting at something like 6am as an entire troop of con-goers (I’d assume) were passing by our door making, as per usual, as much noise as they could possibly muster. I don’t know what kinda shit they were on, but it must have been good. Me at 6am after a con-weekend… is not a happy camper. Disregarding that one incident the night’s sleep wasn’t too interrupted. After we got all packed and basically ready to get out the door, we headed downstairs to the con for one last round in the Dealers Hall. We had a bit of time to burn so we checked out the other areas to see if there was any excitement going on. Granted it was before 10am, but there was still next to nothing going on. Out front of the convention center was very quite, just a few people sitting around (getting a tan?). As it turned out, a majority of the people awake were waiting for the dealers hall to open, all nicely queued up. We joined them since we had nothing better to do. The idea on going to the dealers hall is to get stuff on the cheap. At least… that was the theory because I heard many people talk about getting “good deals” and “cheap stuff”. Except… that isn’t how it worked out.