February 2, 2005

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Well, thats amazing

Called Averatec again (just now). I figured what the hey, maybe they have my “status update” a bit sooner (though IMHO, shouldnt the repair center update RMA’s as they work on the machines…. just a though). Spend 30 minutes on hold, to be answered by someone that tells me they can’t give me my RMA status because their system is offline. Now their web interface to give you the RMA info, never ever frigin works (programmed in .NET, what do you expect), and the recorded address they play while your on hold…. Is wrong.

Of course, last night I got a call from UPS wondering what the Suite number (of the office) is, because they have a package from Averatec for me. Wow, so I called them, they didnt know where my laptop was yesterday, and it turns out it was already with in 25 miles of me (the local UPS substation is a bit away).