February 12, 2005

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iTunes and its randomization

For a media player I use iTunes, very simply because I a have an iPod (20gig). I currently have it in “Party Shuffle” mode, set to play higher rated songs more often. This is fine and dandy, but while I’ve been listening to my music for the last few hours, I have heard serveral songs (which are not rated at all) more than once. Whats the problem with this you ask? I HAVE SIX (yes 6) DAYS OF MUSIC (or 2066 songs) IN ITUNES!!! The likelihood of the same song being played twice randomly in a batch of say 100 songs… has to be ENORMOUS. Who in the hell designed the random routines for this bloody program?

Personally I was a fan of WinAmp 3’s random shuffle. It would “randomly” play everysong once, then stop playing.

I’m also preety sure that the iPod randomizes the playlist the first time you bring up your list (album, playlist, genre, or what not) and stays with that same pattern for a while. I’ve started the iPod at the begining of a list, let it randomly play for a bit, then gone back to a song I’ve already heard. When its done with that song it goes to the next one in the list, just as it did before.

Whats next for apple? iRandom?