February 20, 2005

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Do you see red over dead pixels?

Cruised over to CNET News and found this fun article over dead pixels. The reason why I find this fun, is that I too have recenetly run into this problem. I’ve never had a screen with a bad pixel until now. In fact its on my Averatec. Before the screen died a misserable death and was sent back to the factory, it was fine, but when it came back… Well, there was one dead pixel. Its not completly dead, actually it just stays a solid red if its actually supposed to be black. So when the screen is white (websites, Office, etc) its just fine. But when I’m watching a DVD there’s this little red bit, always staring at me and laughing. I could probably send it back and get fixed again, but it took them a month to “find” my laptop last time, so I’m not gonna risk it if I don’t have to.

But for thoes people that are buying a new machine, fight for no dead pixels! In the article they say something about people being upset when they buy their 2,000$ LCD TV. What about buying a 2,000$ computer!?