March 14, 2005

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Sigh and DoubleSigh

Surfing the RSS feeds this morning and I found two new intresting topics to bitch about in the wide wonderful world (WWW) of technology.

First off is a moving article from ars technica, about the new Google mobile search. Ars’ first and foremost has a problem picking a side, their poking at it claiming that it could be evil, but its not such a bad idea. Make up your damned minds. Personally I think its a great idea. Now as a website designer I can be lazy and not have a WML compliant version, but still have mobile users that can read my site. While many may argue that this is terrible — More Lazy Webmasters — and all that jazz, I really don’t care about users on cellphones or PDA’s. For the record, yes I do have PDA, in fact I have a Tungsten C with built in WiFi. Note, the screen is 320×320 — If its not specifically designed for a palm screen — it doesnt work. Besides, in my time, I have seen some terrible WML-Versions of sites. So google can probably do a better job, Either that or it will force webmasters to code their sites in good WML so that users will use the sites WML version and not the google proxy version.

Second is another wonderful joy. Military certifies Cisco telephony. Yea! Let us rejoice in knowing that the DOD could use Cisco IP phones — and that they may be good enough for us now. Along with that note I’d like to point out the fact that I have an eMachine (600mhz celeron, with 128mb RAM) in the server closet at work, and its running Asterisk PBX. The machine has an uptime of 45days (we had an extended power outage) and has done a very good job that entire time, and the serveral months before that. So why do products need be certified “that their products are secure and operate without performance degradation in a multivendor environment."? I’m sorry, my lil ol eMachine runs Asterisk very well — Using Cisco 7960 hardphones, and softphone clients on serveral OS’s alike (Oh, did I mention I used thoes Softphone clients over VPN? ::gasp:: security ::gasp:: reliability ::gasp:: multi-vendor)