March 22, 2005

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Blizzard... Poor basterds

I feel bad for blizzard. They made a great game (read: World of Warcraft) thats insanely popular, but they get a bad rap for it. They knew it would be a hit, but the amount of subscribers they were expecting to have in 18 months, they got in 2 months.

This morning I was surfing their site while I was waiting for some proccesses to finish and it was taking an insane amount of time. Why would a site that takes that much traffic be running so slow, I found out:

We would like to remind everyone that we are currently performing the weekly scheduled maintenance, and all realms have already been brought down for this. The maintenance started at 5:00 AM Pacific Time (one hour earlier than our usual time) to accomodate the extra time needed for implementation of the new content patch. The duration of the maintenance will also be extended to an estimated 6 total hours, and therefore should be completed at 11:00 AM Pacific Time.

Poor basterds. Instead of everyone hitting up the game (which I might add they’ve had a lot of game server troubles), they are surfing the site. As I type this, half servers are comming back up, and should be available in the next 30 minutes. All of a sudden the sites running noticably faster (granted not fast at all, but at least 50% of my pages are loading now), because everyone is spamming away on logins. Oh well.

Throw more hardware at it n00bs.