March 22, 2005

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Picasa2 + Hello +

So I recently started playing with Picasa2. Its rather nift photo program. It stores pictures nicely and also allows your to manipulate them. It has tons of features, camera import, print, email, collage, send over Hello, Send to Blog, Order Prints online, Export, Slideshow, Timeline, Gift CD (think slideshow with built in software and auto start), Backup and many more. This program is really really easy to use. Its also powerful, even for a power user like myself, its really nice. I’ve tested alot of the features (including Gift CD), and everyone works as promised and EASY. Tonight I thought I’d test the send to blog function. While I love google, I’ve never been a fan of (rather have my own software as you can see). I do have a photo blog of my own on Yafro. Yafro is nice but the constant porn attacks can be annoying. So what the hell, the software is all configure to work together, might as well try to the post to blog function. Test I did. Here’s how it works in short (provided its all configured):

  1. Select picture from Picasa

  2. Hit send to blog

  3. Picasa send the picture to the “BloggerBot” over their Hello service (Hello is basically an IM/Picture sharing service).

  4. You enter a caption for your picture

  5. Click send

  6. BloggerBot recives the picture, and resizes it to something useful for blogs

  7. Load up your blog — Theres your Picture.

It really does work, as advertised — As I found Out. I posted 27 pictures in less than 15 minutes. Thats preety damn spify. You can see that it includes the captions, you can even click on the pictures and get a bigger view (I have the sizes maxed on thumbnail and full size archive, to give you an idea). I’ll probably end up using the blog for my personal blog just because its so easy to post pictures to (and there’s lots of third party software).

I’ll be running down the other features in the next few days.