December 8, 2005

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Windows 2003 Standard

Your probably looking at the title with a bit of shell shock — after weeks of linux posts, I’m talking about windows. Not only that, the very same laptop that was running debian is running Windows 2003 Standard with Service Pack 1. Yea, I couldn’t handle it any more — I need to play games (BZ Flag just wasnt cutting it). I’m obviously not getting my Xbox 360 any time soon — and the laptop I’ve been testing on is my “Good” machine. I wanted to try out Win2K3 to see how it did in a desktop enviroment. I’ve run 2k3 Enterprise on a number of a servers, but thoes should work regardless. That and the fact that I felt like fiddling — but not up to Vista.

I’m happy that the machine is up and running mainly because I can install (and use) Picasa, iTunes and DivX creator. Thoes are my vice applications that keep me on windows — at least for now.

Also — I’d like to take a second to prop Digital Blasphemy as he has the coolest desktop images ever. I really enjoy his work — and both my laptops have DB’s pictures as the desktop.