December 9, 2005

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iPod sync

Its nice to have my iPod in sync again with iTunes for the first time in months. Due to apple being retarted — my iTunes was previously screwed to all hell. Then of course iTunes 6 doesn’t work on linux (so far that I can tell). Now that I’m back to windoze, I can run iTunes and with that I can sync my iPod.

My only two complaints is that — First — You cant “take” your iTunes collection with you. Yes you can take your music, but your ratings and play count (and most importantly) your playlists are lost. Its annoying to have to setup a 200 song playlist over again — from nothing but your iPod.

Second is becuase it wasn’t your “old” iTunes collection you have to wipe out your iPod and re-sync everything. Thats not such a bad thing but when you have almost 3,000 items in your iTunes collection (8.2 days of audio) it takes a long freaking time to sync (even over USB2).