December 18, 2005

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2.4 kernel sucks

2.4 series kernel sucks — at least compared to 2.6. Its funny — for all the installs and upgrades I’ve done — I cannot seem to get my dedicated server (the one serving this page) upgraded to 2.6. I tried a few times a couple months ago — but the machine never came up properly when I tried to boot it up to 2.6 — sigh. Its time that I upgrade to the latest and greatest mainly so I can use IP chains (or IP tables even at this point) — I need to do some big bans of IP blocks. The server is constantly getting hit by automated attacked — from all over the net trying all sorts of different attacks.

I’m going to take all these automated attacks — and all the hits I get on my sites — and BAN THEM ALL from hitting my servers. I think its time I start my own black list — for all my servers. And I’m far worse than any other black list service you’ve seen. I block anything suspicious — permanentally.