December 17, 2005

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I dont get LUSER's

Hey — I’m all for freedom of speech and freedom of expression and all that crap… But if you dont like something on the web, dont go to the website. I recently found that someone has been going through my site and methodically voting -2 on every single entry (via the karma system). If you don’t like every entry I write — why do you keep comming back? I dont have time to debate the meaning of existance with dipshits like that so now most of BT (British Telcom) has now been blocked from accessing my site. Along with an intresting bot comming from that had no user agent most of the time ( the rest of the time it was “Webdup/0.9") — since this IP doesn’t have a reverse lookup it also gets blocked. I only do this because Webdup aparently can’t seem to handle my karma system and votes randomly.

To be nice I’ll dump in my favorite links to screw with bots again. This Is A Test And You Don’t Want To Click Here Trust Me For Once. Though the last few times I have used this I didn’t put in their logo — this time I will. Along with that I’m including my “deny from” list in the details section of this post.

Protected By Wpoison

And yes — I’m aware that posting my deny from just tells spammers what not to use on my site — but I figured I’d help others out where I can.

deny from 205.234.132
deny from 62.193.231
deny from 65.19.150
deny from 205.234.132
deny from 62.193.231
deny from 68.142.251.
deny from 68.142.250.
deny from 68.142.
deny from 66.196.91.
deny from 66.196.90.
deny from 61.135.146.
deny from 66.196.90.
deny from 207.241.228.
deny from 207.248.240.
deny from 64.60.243.
deny from 216.79.41.
deny from 65.19.150.
deny from 65.19.169.
deny from 86.137.195.
deny from 86.130.254.
deny from 221.198.27.