December 27, 2005

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War Driving the Bay!

1288 AP’s

Made sure I did a bit of wardriving around Danville (bay area). Drove around for about an hour — which isn’t terribly much for here. Picked up 1288 AP’s. Once again relativly impressed. I did drive through a few residential “developements” but alot of the time I was just on the main roads picking up AP’s from houses off on the side roads. It was really amazing at one point in a residential developement I was doing 25mph and the laptop was chirping so fast I had to be picking up an AP from each and every house — or damned close to it. I do belive (and you can look at the map for yourself) that I didn’t go without wireless for more than a minute — tops.

And I almost missed posting yesterday. I really do enjoy my iPod Video. I’m really not intrested in video playing capability, I mean its cool and fun to be able to watch pixar animated shorts to go — but I have an iPod for music. Though I may end up buying a season or two of something — just in case I’m bored and only have my iPod to humor me.