January 5, 2006

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Stupid UPS

Of course the stupid UPS that was “fried” before magically fixed itself. Conviently the day after I get it replaced (and a spare). On the bright side I get to issue the stupid UPS to myself to take home for a while. I know it sounds silly — but for all the computer hackery I do — I dont have a UPS. Why you ask? Because I used to have one, the battery went dead, and I use laptops now. Of course no UPS + no power = no internet. So I figured I’d fix this issue for at least the short term. If the power goes out now I’ll have internet — mainly so I can VPN into the office and shut down the servers remotely. Saves me from running into the office every time the power goes out.

Oh — and Hackers…. Great movie. Makes computing look so glamerous.