January 11, 2006

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Awesome Mac Tip

So, you got yourself a mac, but you dont use the mac keyboard — or you dont want to. This is how it is for me, and thoes that I know. Everyone I know uses and ergo keyboard and mac makes the most un-ergo keyboards in the history of typewriters. Anyways the one key problem is that there is no “eject” button on a PC keyboard — and macs are gay in the respect that they dont have an eject button on the case (or any other way to eject). So here’s the key — F12. Thats right folks — press and hold F12 on your PC keyboard (when connected to a mac) and it will eject your CD/DVD drive tray. Of course you face the standered restrictions that if the mac has locked the tray it wont let you — but at least you can open it normally.

PS. Yes — I did just call the mac design homosexual. Maybe its just metrosexual — but its defenetly not right in the head.