May 16, 2006

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Hotel Towels

So I’m currently up in the Seattle/Tacoma area, staying in a relativly nice hotel. By that I mean its not a run down piece of crap. In fact it is a Country Inn & Suites. Its really not bad when your all and done, except for the on-demand movies being $12.99 each (holy…crap, its less in the movie theaters). But my one question is this: WHY ARE ALL HOTEL TOWELS THE SAME? Recently I’ve noticed that be in a 1 star hotel or 4 — THEY HAVE THE SAME COTTON TOWELS. You know thoes towels I’m talking about, the ones that feel like they are a close relative to sand paper, the 10 count cotton towels (at least thats what I think they are).

I mean, the hotel we’re at right now is reasonably nice, so I’d expect everything to be reasonable nice — as it happens to be. BUT NOT THE TOWELS. GAHHAHAHA They suck! I mean, they get the job done… but you might as well have handed me sand 150grit sandpaper. That will get the job done too. I’m not asking for the same nice towels I have at home, but can’t you meet me at least half way? Like… Ok towels that have some semblence of soft?

Oh well… I’ll be home tonight.