September 11, 2007

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Bed, Bath and Way Beyond?

Yea, I’ve got free time.

As of recently, Lauren has been on a Bed, Bath & Beyond coupon kick. Might have something to do with having her own place now… Anyways, the thing about BB&B is that they will take 1 or 100 coupons at the same time. You can only use one coupon per item, but you can use them on basically every item. So if you want to buy alot at BB&B, collect the coupons. So of course Lauren tasks me to assist her in collecting these coupons… Previously I’ve brought her about 5, and she was majorly impressed. Now I’ve got a fewwwww more for her (See picture). If you don’t feel like counting, there are 34 coupons. I collected all these in one night, in about… 30 min, give or take. Would have taken less time but I had to locate the Cluster boxes.

What I find interesting about this, is how many people toss these coupons. I collected 34. The community I live in is about 520 units (if I’ve got my math right — scary!). Every unit has a mail box, every mail box gets a coupon. That means I single handedly collected 6% of the entire properties coupons. Few other things to keep in mind: I only went out one evening. I’m generally not the only one who digs through the recyclables for these coupons. Not everyone checks their mail daily. Not everyone leaves the junk mail behind. So… In reality I could collect a much larger portion, if I go out more often and for many more days.

So why does this matter to you? It doesn’t. But… Its 20% off a store for household goods… And you probably live in a house. Maybe you could use something? Like a vacuum.. Because seriously.. Your floor is dirty. Just look at it! It scares me to even think about!