November 8, 2007

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Contact Harvest (Halo) – Book Review!

I know, the idea of a book review coming from me is terrifying. After all we've already established that many 6th graders have a better grasp of the English language than I do. Digressing from that...

Contact Harvest is a fun book. Its the first book I’ve managed to finish in a long time (probably a year). I really did enjoy reading this book. What can I say, Avery is a GREAT character and learning about his early years was very interesting. As a fan of the Halo games, the book also reveals a lot of little piece of how things came to be. For example the book covers where the prophets Truth, Regret and Mercy come from. Oh, and it explains where choppers come from — and maybe explains why they are so damned OVER POWERED (at least in Halo 3). If you are also a Halo fan, you’ll enjoy the book — almost guaranteed. If you aren’t a Halo fan, or at least a scifi fan — you won’t enjoy the book.

My major problem with the book is that the author uses the proper names for the Covenant races, instead of the short hand from the games. Some of the descriptions weren’t clear enough to figure out who was who was first. I should have looked it up, but I never at my computer when I was reading. If you are going to read this book, I suggest you look it up first — especially since it tells you a little bit about the races that weren’t in the games.

That being said, the book was awesome. Read it!