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2 Responses

  1. Jon says:

    Blocklist is for scammers, spammers (advertising type) and their ilk. It isn’t for blocking Spymaster accounts. I’m know there is the occasional bad #blocklist usage, but I haven’t seen that much go on. All the system does is RT any message with #blocklist – it is up to those reading @blocklist’s tweets to decide on if they should actually block the user because their doing something evil.

    And yes, I have a spymaster only account too.

  2. SGS says:

    Although it is admirable to help fellow Twitter users, zealously “blocking” Twitter users because they, like me, have a separate Twitter account is questionable and petty. For example, people create accounts to play Spymaster and to avoid bombarding users with endless tweets. I wonder how one classifieds Spymaster related tweets on a Spymaster-only account as spamming when one is playing with fellow Spymasters and not tweeting or following anyone else?

    Food for thought

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