March 3, 2009

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Dell Community Forum Terms of Service Violation

I know I’m an angry person and I can rant and rave a good bit when in the mood. Though when I was posting on the Dell blog I honestly wanted an answer so I was trying to play very nice. I never even swore! Here’s an email (Verbatim) I just received care of Dell. Was I that far out of line? Or are they just grumpy because I’m pushing for answers they don’t want to give? Maybe I pushed their buttons because they know full well they are yanking around their customers.

Dear: ShakataGaNai

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Board: Direct2Dell

Date: 2/18/2009

Title: Dell’s Mini 10 Packs a Punch

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Copy of original post:

“What does “Initially” mean? First day? First week? Six months? Only on QVC? How about you stop yanking our chain around and give us a real date. Also what about the rest of the features, like GPS and Bluetooth?

I’ve been waiting very very patiently for this new device. Dell anounced it ages ago, but never gave a date or even hints, just some rumors from a loose lipped customer service agent. I actually ordered a Mini 9 but canceled it because I heard about the Mini 10.

I’m also going to be really honest here. I _DO NOT_ want Windows on my netbook, not now, not ever. And I fully understand that you have to gimp the machines to install XP on them because of MS and it’s BS about licenses for XP. That being said, a non-upgradeable machine?! Come now, You (Dell) are better than this. Some of us are more than capable of taking a little machine like this and installing Linux on it and getting it working just fine, without your pre-install. But I, like many, will NOT buy a machine that is not upgradeable.”


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