November 26, 2009

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Have you slaughtered a turkey today?

Wild Turkey, courtesy of wp:MONGO

I realize that it is tradition for most, but you don’t have to kill a super fat turkey just for one day. Frankly, I’m not a big fan. I think turkey meat tends to be overly dry and the only way to make it worthwhile is to kill it with gravy. Oddly enough, I do love reprocessed turkey (you know, the Oscar Mayer kind you get in the grocery store). It doesn’t make sense, but then again, when does anything I do make sense.

Regardless of the turkey “situation”, I wanted to wish everything a Happy Thanksgiving. Today is a day to give thanks for things. Give thanks for family, friends, food, so on and so forth. Even if you’re off to a location you don’t want to go (god knows I am), try to at least give thanks. If nothing else, give thanks that it isn’t worse (you could be in prison, or forced to eat the driest turkey you’ve ever met).

So yea, Happy Thanksgiving.