August 2, 2010

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Quick Review: Ubuntu Netbook Remix 10.04

As is my usual habit, I got bored of my operating system and reformatted.  I decided to try out Ubuntu Netbook Remix 10.04 Lucid Lynx (on my Eee PC 1000), since I hadn’t yet gotten to play with that.  I have previously used both 9.10 UNR and 9.04 UNR, as such, I have some basis for comparison.

For the most part, it is much like 9.10, just better.  The OS feels slightly better refined, and just a tad bit friendlier off the bat.  The one

major improvement, is the boot speed.  From the time Ubuntu starts (from GRUB) to the time the X login screen appears, took just 16 seconds.  I’ll admit, the first time I saw that boot speed, I was damn impressed.  Really, with the OS starting this fast, there is no need for these special “embedded” operating systems that many hardware manufacturers are now including.

As I noted before, there isn’t any major changes (that I’ve noticed) from 9.10.  The only downside I’ve seen (from my admittedly limited amount of testing), is that my wifi adapter’s 5 GHz side doesn’t seem to work.  It is a minor annoyance at best, as 5 GHz is still rare, and I’m sure I could fix it… I just haven’t bothered. Overall, the system works extremely well and I’m happy with it.  I should have gotten bored and tried this sooner.  I suspect from now on my netbook will be staying Ubuntu as it goes well with my Macbook Air and Windows machines.  Nice little heterogeneous network.