December 27, 2011

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Review: High School of the Dead

(Note: the manga uses “highschool” as one word, though the correct use is 2 words: high school, which is what the English version of the TV show uses.)

Awhile back, Jon did a preliminary (zombie) review on High School of the Dead, then 2 months later, he finished watching the series (and read a bit more of the manga) and did a wrap-up review.

Given Jon’s interest, when I noticed that netflix had the show available on Instant Watch, I figured I would take a look.

The show is filled with

fan service, with the occasional splash of nudity. I was a bit surprised by the nudity. I mean I expected the fan service-ness (as Jon had warned me), but not the nudity, I figured they would have blurred it out, or something like that, but apparently not. It started on episode 5 where all the girls take a bath, and the nurse sits up out of the bubble bath and then one of the other girls starts groping her, etc, etc.

The action/story line is somewhat enjoyable and it was interesting to see the weapon upgrades the characters got throughout the series. As Jon noted, the gun otaku was indeed amusing.

Jon says that there is a second season in the works, and the ending of the OVA supports that (Alice says “To be continued!”). It would be a shame to leave it at just 12 episodes + OVA. I’ll definitely look out for it.