May 15, 2012

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Diablo 3 Release Day!

Diablo 3 was released today, or more accurately at midnight. The servers promptly crashed (which these days seems to be a badge of success), but were brought back online fairly quickly.

If you don’t yet have Diablo 3, you can still order it through Amazon, or (assuming you have a decent internet connection) just go straight through Blizzard and download it. I chose the former (according to Amazon I pre-ordered back in 2010), and am now a bit upset as my copy isn’t showing up until Wednesday, despite the fact that I should have Prime Release Day Shipping.

Jon isn’t excited about Diablo 3 (his loss), but I definitely am. I will be playing a

Wizard to start, though I was tempted to choose Witch Doctor (as that was closest to the D2 Necromancer).

What class are you going to be playing?