Yesterday was my last day at Okta

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  1. CarterS says:

    P.S. – that, ironically, should be ‘ripsticks’ not ‘riptstick’s’

  2. I have two things to say-
    1. I am happy you never broke your fool neck on that damned ripstick. God knows you tried.
    2. Just so you know, there are four unneeded apostrophes in your posting.

    • Jon says:

      Oh yea. I forgot about that. One of those ripstik’s is mine afterall.
      As for #2 – My grammar nazi editor (yes, seriously, every post I write is edited first) will look into it and get back to you. But you know I do love my apostrophes, I think AD made it his life goal to try and break me of using them (didn’t work).

    • John says:

      #2 is lies. All lies I say! Every apostrophe in the post is indicative of a contraction.

      • CarterS says:

        Re: the allegedly misplaced apostrophes, I was just joking about A.D. and his chilly response to one of Jon’s emails. I found it particularly amusing that he would only tell the count with no further guidance.

  3. Ron Kuris says:

    In fairness Jon, I made up for hacking instead of partying the following year by doing some all-too-serious partying. Enjoy your vacation. If you’re free, lets go sailing sometime!

    • Jon says:

      Ooo. Boats! I love boats! Can I hum lonely islands “I’m on a boat” the entire time, or would that be too cliche?

      And yes, the next year I heard there was much much more partying. Sadly I missed it :-(

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