July 13, 2015

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Urban garden gets an overhaul

2015-04-12 15.00.25 HDR
Dateline: 2015-04-19

Location: Patio

Status: Overgrown. Report as follows.

So this post is about 3 months late in getting written. While I never intended to let my “Urban Gardening” series wither, I haven’t had time to feed it until now. Expect a few more in the series with a dateline that varies wildly from today.

2015-04-19 18.42.38
As you can see from the header image, the single box I bought in “Adventures in urban gardening!” got overrun. The four plants originally in there simply did not have enough space. While the strawberry plants were technically producing fruit, they looked like the derps you see to the left here. The box itself was also looking a little worse for wear (almost exactly like the internet reviews predicted) so I decided that it was time to massively update the urban garden. The trip to Home Depot included:

2015-04-19 18.55.11

Now that’s a bit more significant of an investment than was previously made. By this point in time the small overgrown garden had demonstrated that I was capable of not killing everything in an instant. The concept of growing something that might one day be able to eat was also very exciting.

2015-04-20 18.50.27
From the original box, the two strawberry plants stayed (but got moved to have more space), the chives moved to a new box, and the chocolate mint got their own pot. The new tomato got its own pot (they require lots of space). Everything else was distributed 3 plants to a box. Lastly the cinder blocks and lumber were stacked to form stair step shelves. We could have used less cinder blocks by going larger, but these were heavy enough to haul up to my apartment as is.

At the end of the overhaul we were very tired and dirty, but also very excited to see what the new space would bring in terms of growth! It certainly looks nice at the end of the patio.