April 7, 2016

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Winter Urban Garden: Rogue Tomatoes?!

Dateline: 2016-04-07

Last year about this time our little Urban Garden (then summer garden) got a fair upgrade, including our first tomato plant. Within a month, we imported 10 more tomato plants from the girlfriend’s house. However, come September the season was over and no more tomatoes were to be had. While we hadn’t planted our summer garden yet, a rogue tomato has decided that “It’s time”. To be clear, this is a tomato that regrew itself in one of the pots left out over the winter AND was possibly a regrowth the year before as well — a very hardy plant!

As you can see from the picture, the tomato is totally unsupported and unmaintained. Until the last week we hadn’t even bothered to water it (there was REAL rain this winter in SF). The one critical detail that might not be clear from the pictures is that two of these fruit are ripe already. They’re being given a little bit longer to hit that perfect “nom” point but we’ve officially started tomato season!