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Miracle-Gro AeroGarden Bounty Elite: First two weeks

On Thanksgiving weekend (aka Black Friday to Cyber Monday) we were lured to open our wallet by something that my fiance and I had been looking at buying for quite some time, The Miracle-Gro’s AeroGarden. If you’ve never seen one before, they’re desktop units that can support from 3 to 9 “pods” (aka plants) and have everything you need for an indoor, desktop based, hydroponic garden. The AeroGarden is the...


Winter Urban Garden: Rogue Tomatoes?!

Dateline: 2016-04-07 Last year about this time our little Urban Garden (then summer garden) got a fair upgrade, including our first tomato plant. Within a month, we imported 10 more tomato plants from the girlfriend’s house. However, come September the season was over and no more tomatoes were to be had. While we hadn’t planted our summer garden yet, a rogue tomato has decided that “It’s time”. To be clear,...

Urban Garden: The end of a season 0

Urban Garden: The end of a season

Dateline: 2015-09-13 It’s been a few months since we’ve visited the garden. The time flew by and since then our lovely little urban greenery was growing along just fine. Sure we’ve lost a plant or two over the season and had some bug infestations, but nothing earth shattering. Unfortunately the tomatoes have started to look a bit… sad. Partially we had a bit of a watering issue, but mostly it...

The urban garden gets eaten 0

The urban garden gets eaten

Date Line: 2015-07-06 Our last visit to the garden was a week ago, but it was finally time. In the intervening week, there had been a very warm 4th of July weekend. That heat was just what we need to kick it over the edge. All the waiting, all the patience, it was all for this moment. It is ready for harvesting!

The Urban Garden gets some guidance 0

The Urban Garden gets some guidance

Date Line: 2015-06-23 It has only been a few weeks since our last visit to the garden, but it was time for an important upgrade. Tomatoes are a type of shrub and while they grow upwards a good bit, they also REALLY like to grow outwards. If you want to get the most out of tomatoes, they need support and guidance to grow tall, rather than wide. Plus if you’re...