How not to customer service, by GrubHub

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  1. Slick says:

    Same thing happend to me yesterday…Smh But my food was never recived at all …placed my order at 715 after waiting 2 hours. And calling Grub Hub. I recived a conformation 9 my food was delivered at 845 …How is that possible? At that point i just wanted my money back after calling the customer service & Resteraunt to find out wheres my food that they claimed. Was delivered …I live in a secured building and have to be called before anyone comes in. I never got that call needless to say although I really didn’t have a problem with the return of my money I’ll just wondering why the hell do I have to wait three to five business days for them to return my money that they didn’t have a problem taking off my card before I even got my product to be honest I think it’s a fluke and a sham I am still right now still trying to contact Taco Bell and ask them was my order even really ever pick up

  2. joe says:

    tonight we order our food from grub hub. We ordered it at 7:20 .. its 10:23 now…. no food still… we called the restaurant and they had not picked the food up. They reached grub hub and the restaurant had to remake the food. we just called the restaurant and 3 and a half hours later they say the man picked the food up. who knows… he might just go eat it himself…. Im going with favor from now on.

  3. I never got my food, and now im going thorough paypal to get my money back since grubhub told me flat out “oh we dont do refund have a coupon instead” I cant use the coupon do to the price of delivery and the tax added on to it, I had used the last of my cash before payday on that grubhub delivery that never reached me.

  4. Jesse says:

    They haven’t gotten any better since. We had an experience almost identical to yours last week. In the time it took to get our order, we could have driven downtown, waited through a weekend evening college-town rush, gotten seated, eaten our food, and returned home. :/ The customer service guy we talked to kept saying, and I quote “Aw, geeze”–we couldn’t tell if it was a bot or a really awkward, stoned human so we’ve taken to calling it the Stoned GrubHub Bot.

  5. Hungry says:

    I used a service in my area called EatOutIn at least once a week and despite a rather hefty delivery fee ($8), their service was good. They were just bought out by Grubhub and I’ve ordered from them twice. The first thing I noticed that was my favorite restaurants were no longer available and honestly, of the two I tried from Grubhub’s list (one was Chinese and the other a sub shop) both had crappy food and sub-shop didn’t even get the order correct. The only good thing I’ve seen is that Grubhub is a bit cheaper than EatOutIn was, but I guess you get what you pay for. I may give Grubhub another chance, but honestly, I most likely will not.

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