July 2, 2010

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Review: PowerBar Harvest Whole Grain

A few weeks ago I was on a bit of a drive when I found myself stopped at gas station for fuel. I was a bit hungry so I thought a PowerBar would be a fairly healthy option, if not terribly tasty. After all, everyone knows about the PowerBar reputation, you know the rep I’m talking about… the completely unpalatable and inedible rep. What I found was these new PowerBar Harvest Whole Grain bars, and I was pleasantly surprised them.

The first one I had was the

Strawberry Crunch, because by default I always go for strawberry. They were good. The bar reminded me vaguely of a grain style cereal bar, but actually tasty. One bar is 240 Calories, 10g of protein and 20g of sugar, which is why they are actually tasty. It might be a little high on the sugar amount for some — but there are much worse options when it comes to snack bars. There are also much less appetizing options in the “healthy” department. I guess the best recommendation I can give for these bars is the fact that I went on Amazon and bought an entire box of them. The amount of protein isn’t extremely high compared to something like the PowerBar Protein Plus Bars (which are sort of tasty, but not nearly as appetizing), but enough to keep you “full” for a while.

I’ve eaten that entire box worth and on my re-order got more of the Strawberry Crunch along with a box of the Double Chocolate Crisp.  Despite the fact that the chocolate crisps only have 1 more gram of sugar (21g versus 20g), they are surprisingly chocolaty.  Something like a chocolate breakfast cereal.  I may not re-order these simply because they are tasty enough for me to treat them as a dessert.  That is dangerous.

In short: If you are looking for a semi-healthy snack bar option (that could handle being a meal replacement for those times when you’ve got to eat on the go) and still TASTES GOOD (screw that Kashi stuff), give these a try.  They come in a bunch of flavors and are certainly the least “PowerBar” PowerBar I’ve ever run across.