October 1, 2016

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Welcome back! (To us)

After a few months of silence, we’re back! Ok, so five months without update is slightly more than a “few”, so we’ll call it “several”. Sadly it’s not the longest string of absence in our history but we were really good there for a little while. The excuse is the typical “life and stuff” combined with “technical issues” and “lazy”. However I’ve finally gotten my act together and gotten everything fixed up. Or at least, I hope.

Along with the resurrection of posting, this weekend has been site maintenance. Previously the site was running on a shared host, along with several other sites and services. In the name of security, portability and “keeping up with the times” … we’re now on docker (and a new server)! I will detail out how the setup works exactly at some further point in time for those who are interested.

So look forward to more posts in the near future, but probably less podcasts. OpsCrash as an interesting experiment but was extremely time consuming.