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pfSense 2.3 is out and it’s Bootstrap’ing!

Yesterday pfSense 2.3 was release and it’s a fairly major UI change. The key is the conversion from the previous web-UI (that was tragically out of date) to a new Bootstrap based design. Not only does this make the UI look really slick, it also gains built-in responsiveness! The best part about the overhaul is that they really managed to maintain the same general look and feel while giving it...

Re-Bootstrap’ing JonDavis.name 0

Re-Bootstrap’ing JonDavis.name

As was mentioned in Monday’s video on Bootstrap Studio, I’ve been spending some of my time learning how to use the Bootstrap framework. For those not “in the know” Bootstrap styles itself as the “most popular HTML, CSS, and JS framework for developing responsive, mobile first projects on the web”. If you’re building a web-based application today, like I am with FirewaterDB, you’ve most likely run across or used Bootstrap....

A collection of useful/nifty/cool ST2 Plugins 0

A collection of useful/nifty/cool ST2 Plugins

A little while back during my exploration of PHP IDEs, I evaluated Sublime Text 2. At that point I had found a number of nifty plugins for ST2, mostly for PHP development. Since then I’ve found even more plugins that I find useful/nifty/cool. They are not PHP specific and I do not use all of them on a regular basis, but I think they are all worth sharing. Of course,...