Video Review: Bootstrap Studio

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  1. kornel says:

    Thanks to Jon for sharing his review. Here’s my feedback after buying it:

    I just purchased/downloaded the product and I’m trying to build a form with it. It’s almost what I need but falls just short enough to be impossible to use. For example, I copy a form group and it retains the same id for the input field, which is of course invalid. Then I try to fix that and I find the HTML is un-editable. Then I try to look in the design file, and I find that it is again un-ediatble proprietary format. Then I look for a way to maybe import an HTML file that I edit using my IDE. That’s not possible either. I need to be able to edit the HTML. Copy and paste doesn’t work either.
    This is very close to being a useful tool, but the authors need to remove the ‘brick walls’ at least from editing HTML. I must be able to edit HTML for all things the tool can’t handle! Now I find that I spent $25 on something that I cannot quite use.

    • Jon says:

      Sounds quiet similar to my experience. It’s not “bad” but it just is overly difficult. I had just been trying it again with their 2.0 release but haven’t made a new video yet.

  2. wpdesigns says:

    Very good tutorial , sharing software …

  3. Scott says:

    Jon, Thanks for reviewing this application/tool. You saved me $25.00. I was going to purchase for limiting reasons, Basically to be able to focus on creating bootstrap forms/screens/elements with decent level of coding so I don’t need to spend time to search for resources every time I want do something slightly different. This app seems like it could be a help for that limited scope. I still may spend the money for that reason only. But, as you point out, the work flow for doing any sort of design, even for some less complicated forms may be more work than coding manually. Especially when more and more of my work is incorporating JS/JQuery?etc. This was a good timely and informative video IMO.

    BTW: I looked at what I thought was a free alternative, Google Web Designer. It could be, but my first impression is code bloat and a complicated tool to learn. Don’t know how many hours it will take to attain a limited productivity level for doing actual work.



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