June 30, 2005

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So with the release of Itunes 4.9 I’ve been listening to a number of Podcasts. While I was never a fan of this “podcasting” thing before — Itunes makes it simple and nice. On the iPod if you center click on normal songs a few times — it would allow you to “rate” the song — but in podcasts it gives you the text discription — sweet. Regardless, I’ve been listening to a number of tech related podcasts — I felt I’d share my impressions.

  • Geek News Central — Its so, so — at best. He is rather on the monotone side & not perticularly intresting to listen to (him that is). The show content is decent.
  • Girl on Tech — Please, Make the hurting stop. I listened to the last two pod casts of her’s I could find — ohhhhhhh. Yes, she was a DJ for 12 years, and does the DJ stuff very well, and yes its very obvious that she edits the cast (good or bad is up to you) — but what she talks about… bla. One cast was 45minutes of talking to 4th graders, and the other cast she started talking about a family member who had gotten cancer and died. Not to be mean, but I’ve been through that, and I dont want to hear about it — especially when I’m trying to listen to a “tech” cast.
  • The Linux Link — These guys kick ass. Yes, I know they dont carry a _ton_ of content in their hour and a half shows — but they are funny and intresting to listen to. They also have intresting commentary on tech related issues.
  • TWiT — Its “The Screen Savers”, radio style. Its mostly the old screen savers crew (which isnt a bad thing) back in a more informal enviroment. Its funny and intresting to listen to.
  • Linux News Log — Its a good news cast, worth listening to.
  • Extreme Alpha Geek — Last 2 podcasts listened to, and still waiting for tech related items. I think he’s a techy guy, but he doesn’t talk about it.
  • Perlcast — Tasty Perl info. If your a perl coder, even not serious, its worth listening to. Has news, interviews, bug info, etc. Wireless Tech Radio — Sounds very professional. I’d expect to hear something like this on the local news radio channel (like AM style). Even comes complete with advertisements (but hey, they gotta pay for bandwidth, right?). Intresting stuff related to… Wireless — Fancy that.