August 4, 2005

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Emerson Knives

Well my boss raved about Emerson Knives being something near the best there was. I figured I should get one, but they are expensive. Most of their knives that I looked at were $200+. Though I found a “newer” series called “Hard Wear”, all of which are priced under $100. Its a good price for a nice knife, and they seemed like good knives. I purchased a Reliant model w/ no seration. It came in today, and I can say one thing for sure — this knife is sharp. Sharp enough to shave with (yes — I’ve tried). It doesn’t have a catch to open while your pulling it out of a pocket (which is fine to me) — but it does do one thing really well and thats cut stuff. The grip is some sort of plastic polymer or something to that effect — and it has a really nice texture (you know its not going to slip out of your hand easily w/ this texturing). The “finger hole” is a nice size, I can actually put my thumb into it completly — but I have smaller hands.