November 16, 2005

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Apple Still Sucks & A9

Apple is still trying to blow me off. “Oh yes, we’re working on it” is the same response I get everytime I email them. Come on people, give me something to work with at least. Maybe they cant have it fixed in 2 weeks because somethings really messed up, but they can at least say “Run X,Y,Z & Send us the output and a coredump from when it crashes”. They have asked for nothing technical at all which means they aren’t doing jack shit about it.

On a happier note, playing with A9 and the A9 tool bar. Not because I’m giving up on google (I wuvvle google) but because I want my PI/2 % discount (1.57%) at amazon. Besides the fact that A9 is Google, just with more crap tacked on (acording to somewhere I read, A9 licenses googles search results). Plus their street level picture deal is rather cool.