November 17, 2005

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Anime is good

Normally I dont discuss much tech related stuff, but I have to mention anime at least once becuase two note worthy things happened.

One is that the most recent episode of Bleach came out (58) and aparently was mobbed… if such a thing can happen to a bittorrent. I saw 16k seeders and 11k leechers on that one file — thats 3 times more than the highest I’ve ever seen before. Rather amazing.

Second is that Ichigo 100% OAV 5 came out, and it was hillarious. You have to have watched the series and know a bit about the characters to be really good — but I think that was the funniest 30 minutes I’ve watched in a long time (of any type of media).

Now I return you to my regularly scheduled hunt for tech toys — this months fad… temperature & mrtg.