December 16, 2005

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Walther P22 w/ Silencer

Its amusing how people will argue that there is no true silencers, only supressors or flash supressors — or what not. Well have you ever shot a 22cal with a silencer? They arent loud to begin with and after “silencer” they are purdy damn quiet. My boss happens to have a Walther P22 (same as mine) but he recently put a silencer on it (gotta love nevada). Its really nice, and I have to say its really light. I was expecting the gun to feel front heavy — but it doesnt. I’d love to get my hands on a silencer also (because it would be cool) but I dont feel like paying 200$ in ATF fee’s for a 100$ silencer (at least untill I have 300$ extra to throw away — all my throw away money is going to the Xbox 360).

He also showed me some of his gun collection, including a S&W Magnum 500 (holy crap) and a really nicely outfitted H&K MP5 (this thing has all the gadgets attached you could ever want). Now all I have to do is convince him to take them down to the range — I wanna test em out (well maybe not the 500, because that would break my wrists).