January 8, 2006

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Windows XP AutoPlay Tips

I just had a co-worker ask me how to change autoplay for XP, so I thought I’d write up a little tip for the webites. If you happen to have a type of CD/DVD that you stick in and windows auto-launches an application (probably one you dont want it to use), you can fix it.

Open My Computer > Right click on your CD/DVD drive > Click Properties > Autoplay Tab. Now you can pick from the drop down the type of CD/DVD content (lets say music CD’s). After that you can either select an action to preform (For example launching said music CD with Winamp instead of windows media player) or set it to prompt me each time.

Personally I prefer Take No Action — but each to their own. Also, don’t forget there is a Restore Default button — might be handy.