January 7, 2006

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I woke up Friday morning to find my cable box working again — I guess thats a good thing. I think I’m going to still see if I can get charter out to upgrade my box to one of the new Motorola units — and get my remote control working (it doesnt controll the volume or mute — which is irritating).

On the bright side there have been a few good things going on. I’ve gotten myself along decently in Eve Online. One of my characters has a battleship which is freaking huge and actually rather fast if you turn the afterburners on. My other character has a mining barge and it working to get to the “top” ranked barge that I know of.

On the 360 side, I heard that the FFXI 360 beta began which makes me extremly happy (Actually I first spotted this bit on SciFi.com). You have to sign up for a special CDKey (which is free) but then you have to find a Febuary issue of The Official Xbox Magazine. I purchased an issue at the local market — but it wasn’t febuary. I’m going to keep hunting for the feb issue because I’m rather sure its out already (as the servers for this beta test opened Feb 5). If the graphics are really as good as they say — I’m gonna be thrilled. While I haven’t played FFXI in a few months — I’d love to play it in HiDef — go back to see some of my favorite spots with really nice graphics. Plus I have a wireless keyboard/mouse that I used to use for my laptop that I could use for the Xbox (I hope).