January 25, 2006

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ESS + Comments

Two bits for today. One, I enjoyed the comments — thank you. To be honest — I’m not really intrested in the karma, as very few people ever bother to vote. Hell I doubt that many people actually read my blog (though granted I do get 10-20 thousand “hits” a month according to me webalizer). Mehbe I’ll turn karma off per sugestion.

Second — I want to make sure everyone knows about ESS.tv. Its really a spiffy service that you can pull up on WinAmp (or VLC, or what ever the hell else you want to use). Basically, you can watch any one of 42 channels of “popular” TV shows. They have everything from 24 and Angel to X-Files and X-Men. I only mention it now because recently they picked up Babylon 5 (they also carry ST:TNG & ST:DS9). You can pull up their shows with out paying anything — but only if the server isn’t full (and thats very very unusual).