February 1, 2006

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P99C QA — From WA.com

Recently I stopped by a local gun shop to check out the Walther P99/P99C. As it turns out they did have a P99C which I was most intrested in. I was pleasently suprised to find it priced at a decent 525USD (MSRP is ~600USD which is what AbleAmmo lists).

Moving on — I really liked the feel of the P99C. The unit they had out had a finger rest mag, which was just a perfect fit for my hand. Comparitivly I think the grip is just about the same size as my P22. My hands are a bit smaller than normal, so the grip may be a bit small for others (though it is a compact). For the rest of the gun, it felt well built and well balanced (It wasn’t light, but lighter than I expected — unloaded granted).

I’ve read a good bit of reviews online, with mixed reactions so I asked the guys at the store. Aparently all the kinks were worked out with the previous generation made by Walther (Germany). Now that they are made by S&W they have been rather reliable. So its going to be a tuff choice between the P99C or the new Kahr PM9 (which my boss sugested previously).